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    EU Youth through sustainable, inclusive and democratic SPORT.

    General objective of the project:

    The general objective of the action is to promote interest and engagement on European youth goals and future EU youth policies among less active youth and youth at risk of marginalization and discrimination by promoting inclusive and sustainable grassroots sports activities.


    Specific objectives of the project:

    • Create a network to improve the connection and involvement of less active young people in Europe around European values and EU objectives for youth through sport;
    • Strengthen the capacities of coaches and athletes by increasing the engagement on EU issues among their peers, with special attention to children with fewer opportunities, through training and international exchange;
    • Promote inclusive and sustainable sport events and activities to increase active engagement and participation of young people in EU affairs;
    • Promote networking for continuous and mutual cooperation between youth organisations and sport organisations working with young people across Europe to improve their impact on EU policies and involvement in EU affairs.

    Main activities and events for the target groups involved:

    • Training and knowledge of EU youth objectives among sports coaches, athletes and activists and mapping of good practices;
    • International mobility for young athletes in Athens and young coaches in Amsterdam;
    • Implementation of sport events and activities in national context;
    • Participation in the promotional campaign of the project and dissemination of EU Youth Goals;
    • Participation in the final event.


    What connects us? All of us have previous cooperation and experience in relevant EU projects. We have experience and capacity to reach and involve youth from under-represented youth. We are committed to further increase skills, outputs and impact on these target groups and capacity to reach them through sport.

    FARE | NL

    The Fare network is an umbrella organisation that brings together individuals, informal groups and organisations driven to combat inequality in football and use the sport as a means for social change.


    ASSIST is a non-profit Volunteers Association founded in 1999 to promote and defend the rights and the image of female athletes and sport workers, to foster equality and respect in sport, contrast gender stereotypes and discriminations in sport

    KMOP | GR

    KMOP Organization is a leading NGO with more than 43 years of experience in supporting vulnerable people through the provision of social services, implementation of social initiatives, education, research and development of know-how on social policy issues.

    JPKeV | DE

    JKPeV strives to strengthen cultural values, enrich the cultural and artistic scene in Dresden and in other European cities and to foster intercultural and inter-generational dialogue through European projects and events.

    GEA | IT

    GEA Cooperativa Sociale is a non-profit social cooperative, founded in Padova in 2004. The main mission of the cooperative is the promotion and the implementation of activities and programmes aimed at facilitating integration and active citizenship of migrant people, families, communities, with specific attention to women, youth and vulnerable groups..

    DOTS | PT

    DOTS promote the development of educational projects aimed at social, economic and cultural development through social innovation and lifelong learning opportunities for local and regional stakeholders.

    ENSE | AT

    ENSE (European Network Of Sport Education) works to create learning opportunities, skills, competences, and qualifications in all settings for people or organisations leading, developing and supporting sport activities.